• Image of The Elephant Coloring Book

A coloring book full of elephants. 11 to be exact.

You can do many things with these elephants...
* Color them (duh!)
* Embroider them on something
* Wood burn them on something else
* Mosaic with them
* Paint them on canvas
* Print them one at a time and make cards with them
* (insert your awesome idea here)

Basically, anything you can do with line art, you can do with these guys. The only thing you can't do is resell the coloring books as coloring books or take the line art and sell it as your own line art. That's a no-no. But making other things with it, totally kewl. In fact, send me pics. I want to see.

You have a choice between a printable version that comes to your email in PDF form or a printed version that I snail mail to you. The PDF is printed with two images per page to save on printing expenses. The printed version is printed with 1 elephant on each page so that you can color with markers and such, then center stapled. The finished coloring book is 8.5 x 5.5 inches and has 10 pages. (shipping is refunded within 48 hours on digital items)